Is The Fed Cleansing The Market By Design?

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Top 20 Living Economist Mark Skousen has an urgent warning for American investors:

Right now the Federal Reserve is purposely cleansing the market…

And sending America into a recession that will render day-to-day life for most folks unrecognizable.

The recent once-in-a-generation policy shift by the Fed all but guarantees America will soon enter the most historic financial clean-up we've seen in decades.

Investments that a lot of Americans depend on for their retirement could soon fall by 50% or more.

Investors who don't act could face financial devastation.

But the folks who make the right moves today could protect themselves and even grow their wealth more than they ever thought possible.

In fact, Dr. Skousen has identified oneof the market generating returns for investors of 4,546%8,335%, and even a ridiculous 10,090%.

That's why Fortune 500 companies, High-Level CEOs, and even former U.S. Presidents have leaned on Dr. Skousen's expertise to navigate moments like these.

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Roger Michalski
Publisher, Eagle Financial Publications

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