Most stocks suck. These will shine…

Dear Reader,

Most stocks suck …

But we believe the stocks inside this folder will shine …

This is a confidential list of the only basket of stocks you might ever need to own. Right now, 5,312 publicly-traded companies offer their stocks to investors.

The problem is nearly all of them are what I call “sucker stocks.”

Maybe 70, at best, are worth your time and attention.

Of those — just the 35 high-profit potential, lower-risk stocks inside this folder — make the grade and are worth owning.

Think I’m kidding?

Then take a look at what an eye-opening study from the Arizona State University School of Business says …

“The entire gain in the U.S. stock market since 1926 is
attributable to the best-performing four percent of listed stocks.”

In other words, 96% of stocks aren’t worth the paper they’re written on. Chances are quite a few of the stocks in your portfolio are in that group.

They’re virtually worthless and draining your returns.

The 35 stocks on this list, on the other hand, are in that 4% of stocks driving the market. They’re the ones you need to own.

That’s why I’ve made special arrangements to get this document into your hands today.

So you can find out what these 35 stocks are — absolutely free — and buy as many shares as you want.

Go here for all the details …


Jon Markman, Senior Analyst
Weiss Ratings