Move Your Money By Dec. 13

Dear Reader,

The Federal Reserve has backed itself into a dangerous corner, and it's now critical for you to make this move before December 13th.

Most people don't realize this… but the Fed doesn't exist to protect you or your money.

The Fed is there to protect banks and the government.

Which is why the next decision it makes on Dec. 13th could be disastrous for your retirement.

In short: The Fed has run out of options.

And you're about to see the “unraveling” of all the disastrous decisions the Fed began making in the mid-90s.

The biggest problem with this?

The people MOST at risk are those of you who spent your life playing by the rules.

So you owe it to yourself to get the full story and find out what you can do TODAY (before Dec. 13th).


Louis Navellier
Editor, InvestorPlace

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