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He Picked Bitcoin (And Dogecoin) in 2016.
Here’s What He’s Recommending Now…

Bitcoin! Bitcoin! Bitcoin!

It seems the whole world these days is crazy about crypto.

In fact, Bloomberg now predicts Bitcoin will reach $400,000…

Billionaire Paul Tudor Jones is buying in…

And JPMorgan, whose CEO once called Bitcoin a “fraud,” is now creating its own Bitcoin fund.

That’s fine. But is now still a good time to get in?

According to one expert, while there is still upside, the best time to get in was years ago.

Teeka Tiwari—who was voted the “#1 most trusted source” among crypto experts—recommended Bitcoin back in 2016 when it was trading for $428.

What is he recommending now?

Well, what he just revealed will come as a surprise to many…

It’s something his research shows could be at least 25 times bigger.

A novel technology the World Economic Forum says could blossom into an $8.6 trillion market.

4-time Emmy winner John Burke recently flew 3,300 miles to interview Tiwari…

And discover his new #1 pick.

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