Should Investors Buy Salesforce Stock (NYSE: CRM)?

Salesforce CRM stock has lagged its industry in 2019 and is down roughly 6% over the last month as the broader markets faces a U.S.-China trade deal-based pullback. With that said, CRM stock has been strong for years and its cloud-based customer relationship management business looks poised to expand as more firms, big and small, modernize and digitize their operations.

Salesforce at its core offers its business clients a wide range of cloud-based platforms to help them run sales, marketing, e-commerce, analytics, and much more. The San Francisco-based firm’s customer relationship management offerings have become essential to many companies and would otherwise require a large amount of in-house talent, infrastructure, and maintenance.

Let’s take a look to see if investors should consider buying Salesforce stock before it reports its first-quarter fiscal 2020 financial results, which are due out after the market closes on Tuesday, June 4.

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