These Are The Worst Stocks of 2021?

Dear Reader,

Have you seen this expose of the worst stocks of 2021?

It’s shocking!

Because you would never expect this to be the case.

Yet even the mainstream financial media is confirming the truth Wall Street has tried to hide for decades.

Kiplinger reports …

“Most stocks lose money. A handful of stocks is responsible for virtually all the gains in the stock market.”

An official paper released by a noted economist confirms that …

Over the past 100 years, only four percent of listed stocks have been responsible for the entire gain in the U.S. stock market.

The rest of the 96% of available stocks — the ones most investors have in their portfolios — are outright losers.

Unless you know the ones are hiding in your portfolio …

You could be setting yourself up for needless losses.

So it’s up to you to find out which stocks could sink your portfolio and which ones could lead to outsized gains.

Because you won’t get this information from Wall Street.

Click here and see for yourself …


Jon Markman, Senior Analyst
Weiss Ratings

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