Walmart just dropped a BOMB on the U.S. Financial system

More than maybe any other retailer out there, Walmart is synonymous with America.

Their stores are massive… they sell everything… and they're everywhere…

But last week they quietly made a move that some would say is a direct shot at the economic heart of the nation.

It's small… for now…

But it suggests that the U.S.' largest retailer has plans to follow the over 46 million Americans (and counting) who've taken action to escape our traditional financial system before it deals permanent damage to their wealth.

In 200 stores across the country, they've cracked the door open for people to convert their dying dollars, which have lost a stunning 97% of their spending power since 1900…

…into a NEW form of money that could completely reset everything we've ever known about earning, spending, and saving throughout our lives.

Now you might not notice anything right away…

And it won't impact the way you shop at Walmart… at least yet….

But by allowing its customers the ability to move their dollars into this new form of currency, right there in its stores… it's clear to see that “quitting” our broken financial system is becoming more and more mainstream every day.

And if you look at the numbers, it's easy to see why.

For instance… right now one of these assets is offering you the ability to earn as much as 13% interest a year… compared to the pitiful average of 0.06% that banks are offering.

And that's on top of its 10x profit potential over the next 12-18 months!

You can learn the details on this time-sensitive situation, free of charge, right here.


Andrew McCord
Senior Researcher, Stansberry Research

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