Why It Has To Be Lithium And Why It Has To Be NOW

Fellow Investor,

America needs more lithium ASAP.

And let me be clear: lithium doesn't mean a new EV technology… or a new alternative battery technology… it means lithium.

There is no new battery savior.

You may occasionally see splashy headlines that tease a “new” battery metal that'll make lithium obsolete.

Don't believe them.

While innovation will certainly continue – as it always does – there is nothing, and I mean nothing that will take lithium's place for the next decade…

Possibly longer.

It's taken since 2010 to build the supply chain we already have… more than 12 years!

And it's taken billions of dollars, millions of man-hours, and thousands of mining permits to do it.

Now that the EV industry is manufacturing 6 MILLION cars a year (and is hoping to scale to 5 times that by 2025) there's simply no changing course now.

Silicon Valley can't engineer its way out of this problem.

They're going to have to MINE their way out of it.

Let me show you why we're at the beginning of the next lithium boom – and why this $2 lithium miner is the smartest place for your investment dollars.

To your wealth,

Nick Hodge
Founder, Digest Publishing

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