I’ve Teamed Up with this Crypto Legend to Bring You Some of the Biggest Opportunities

Hello Reader,

When it comes to investing it’s all about who you know.

That’s why I’ve just teamed up with crypto legend Charlie Shrem to talk about a special once-in-a-lifetime opportunity in cryptocurrency.

This presentation can’t be seen on any of the major networks like CNBC, Fox News, or CNN…

It’s exclusively available in a brand-new update we’ve recorded on a groundbreaking currency revolution underway called the Awakening.

We believe this will dwarf the initial Bitcoin craze we saw back in 2017…

And it’s being compared to both the dawn of the internet and the launch of the first printing press.

We’re talking about a tsunami-sized flow of funding into a new breed of cryptocurrency known as altcoins.

If you’ve been following my work over the past year, you know how bullish I am on this asset.

I believe the incredibly high gains in the market we’ve seen in the past could pale in comparison to what’s coming next.

Charlie and I have discovered four altcoins that we predict are set to launch upward to unbelievable highs…

Now nothing in the market is guaranteed, but we believe these will skyrocket higher than the coveted 1,000% mark over the next 12 to 24 months based on our expert analysis.

They’re included as part of our brand-new research service we’ve put together called Crypto Investor Network.

Watch this brief recording Charlie and I have put together if you’d like to learn more about these four altcoins that we think are screaming buys right now…and at the end of the video you can find out how to join my new research service to gain access right away at an extremely low rate.


Matt McCall
Senior Investment Strategist, InvestorPlace

P.S. As a special bonus, if you stick around for the end of the video you’ll receive both the name and ticker symbol of our #1 crypto recommendation for free.